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[fol] Re: Linux on PC 9821 LaVie Nr13

In SAITO.98Jan22180013 _at_ sailor.csrd.uiuc.edu>
saito _at_ sailor.csrd.uiuc.edu wrote:

>>    I would like to put Linux on this machine if there are PCMCIA drivers
>>    that work for it. I need a modem so I need the PCMCIA slots to work.
>> If your system is one of those NEC's proprietary ones which used to
>> dominate Japanese PC market (some might say it still dominates....),
>> you'd have a better luck with FreeBSD.  I heard that Linux for those
>> systems is still in the early stage of porting.

You can not use any PCMCIA cards on Linux for PC-98x1.
My friends and I have not a notebook machine which has PCMCIA,
so we can not write any code for it.
# I perhaps wrote this fact in my yesterday mail to you, David.
# (I also know that my English is too broken.)
I again recommend you to use FreeBSD for PC-98x1.
II Ryouta pessi _at_ eiehost.gee.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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