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[cola:02644] More Free Linux Training Materials from GBdirect


More Free Linux Training Materials from GBdirect

GBdirect, Europe's leading provider of Linux training, today announced
the release of more free Linux training materials.  GBdirect became
the world's first commercial training company to give away their
lecture notes (at www.linuxtraining.co.uk) when they released four
modules from their Linux Systems course as part of a project to create
a comprehensive collection of free Linux training materials (on 16th
June, 1999).

The overwhelmingly positive response to this initiative produced
thousands of downloads and many offers to write and/or translate
course modules.  Needless to say, these offers are being actively
pursued. The staff at GBdirect were, however, so enthused by the
reaction that they have managed to release a second tranche well
ahead of schedule.  

New modules in the current release cover:

Introduction to the vi Text Editor
The X Windows Graphic User Interface
Shared File Systems (NFS and SAMBA -- for UNIX and Windows/NT)

Previous modules covered an overview of Linux, the filesystem, the
command line interface and basic tools.  Each module consists of 20-25
pages of bullet-pointed lecture notes followed by graduated exercises.
In the interests of good citizenship, the modules are distributed in
low-bandwidth, open-source, formats.

GBdirect's initial motivation for giving away these notes was to
ensure a wide distribution and to `give something back' to the
community which created their office software.  Whilst this may have
surprised their competitors in the commercial training market, the
folk at GBdirect are now even more convinced that they are following
the path to solid commercial success.

Like many software houses before them, GBdirect have found that
sharing their knowledge brings in hard cash and blue-chip business
partners.  As a result of their first release GBdirect have now
established partnerships which will allow them to deliver and/or
re-sell training packages throughout the world.  As the managing
director, Mike Banahan, put it: "We knew that the open source
method could deliver the goods commercially, we have only been
surprised by the speed and scale of the uptake".

Close observers of the training market will be intrigued by Mike's
comment that "our competitors may already be worried by our
interpretation of the `free market', but they will be utterly
astonished by what we plan to do next".  

For further details contact GBdirect at the above addresses, or ring
Dave Fisher on 01274 772277 

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David Fisher
Business Development
GBdirect - Linux Consultancy and Training
tel: +44 (0)1274 772277
davef _at_ gbdirect.co.uk

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